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The London Project (Portal Book 1)

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In a smart city that monitors your every move, finding the killer of a young girl should have been easy.

Detective Sergeant Louisa Bennett is assigned to investigate the murder. Following an attack on London’s network, private data on every city resident is leaked. In the ensuing chaos, when Louisa uncovers a connection between her own case and the data breach, she becomes a target herself.

To save her own life Louisa must uncover the truth behind the girl’s death — a truth which leads her deep into the heart of The London Project.

One Life Remaining (Portal Book 2)

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Detective Inspector Louisa Bennett’s arrest of Portal CEO Benoit Walsh and the resulting scandal have done little to diminish the network’s popularity. Its hand-held terminals have been replaced by implants, providing a deeper and more personal integration for millions of devotees.

Yet not everyone is so enamoured with Portal’s technological utopia. Terrorists strike against the company, demanding the dissolution of its network. When Louisa’s foster son Ben goes missing she faces the possibility that he may have been involved. Desperate to save him, she must track down the terrorists before the inevitable government backlash. But the destruction of Portal is the least of the terrorists’ aims.